Esh Winning Football Club are a football club based in Esh Winning, near Durham, in County Durham, England. They joined the Northern League Division Two in 1982.  Last season saw a dreadful start with 0 points in 12 games, after Christmas under the management of Tony Boakes and Jackey Traynor the team performed admirably, a creditable 14th if only the second half of the season counted. Esh Winning finished 21st in the Northern League Division 2 and luckily received a reprieve.

Football clubs in Esh Winning date back as far as 1889, including a team which won the Northern League in 1913. The latest incarnation of the club was formed in 1969 as the current version Esh Winning F.C. gained acceptance into the Durham and District Sunday League Third Division. Promotion was achieved in 1971, the Guards Cup was won the following season and in 1973 Esh Winning carried off the Division Two Championship. In 1975 there were victories in the Stafferi Cup and in 1976 the Earls House Sunday Cup. 1979 and 1980 saw Esh carry off back to back Sunday League Championships before spending the 1981–82 season in the Northern Alliance where a respectable sixth place was achieved.

Successful election into the newly created Northern League Second Division followed where Esh remained until 2002 when the club was promoted to Division One. In the 2005–06 season the club got off to a slow start and were relegated back to the Second Division after 4 years in the Northern League top flight